Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tutorial for a Sailor's Knot

Here’s how I did the Sailor’s Knot on the card I posted today. In this tutorial, I am using two different colors of acrylic yarn. I did that so you could easily distinguish between the two strands.  I think this is hard to explain with words, but hopefully you can figure it out with the pictures.

1. Cut four lengths of string. The length should be at least twice the length you want the finished knot to be, but even longer pieces are easier to handle. (This knot can be done with just one piece of string, but I like a thicker knot better. For the finished card shown in the link above, I used a thickness of three strands of baker’s twine, each 8” long.)

2. Take the first piece of string and arrange it in a loop like this, the top tail should hang down.  The loop should be on your right and the two tails on the left.

3. Lay the second piece of string across the loop of the first piece. The lower part of the second string should be a short tail and doesn’t move. The upper part of this string is what moves.

4. Move the top of the second piece of string beneath the upper tail of the first piece.

5. Then place it over the lower tail.

6. Then thread the second string under the lower part of the loop of the first string and over the tail of the second string.

7. Thread the second string under the top of the loop in the first string, now your knot has been created.

 8. After that, you should hold all four ends and pull the knot closed.

9. If you pull hard and tight, you will end up with something that looks like this.

10. That’s okay, just play with it and loosen it up a bit until it looks like the finished knot you want. Sometimes I have to work with the two strands to get twists removed.  Your finished knot should look like this.
11. To attach this to a piece of cardstock, I secure the knot with glue dots and anchor the endson the back of the cardstock with sticky tape. It the knot is made of thick string, you may want to use dimensionals to attach that piece of cardstock to your project. (Baker’s twine is thin enough that I didn’t feel the need to use dimensionals.)

Thanks for reading my tutorial and Happy Crafting!!


  1. Thank you for the tutorial on the sailors knot, I just love the card you did.

  2. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

  3. Thanks so much for a great tutorial; can't wait to make one now!

  4. The card is beautiful and the tutorial is so easy to understand. Thanks so much! Gotta go now and dye me some twine as my The Open Sea stamp set is due to arrive tomorrow...can't wait! I will be checking back on your blogspot again in the future to see what other "goodies" you have. Thanks!

  5. Thanks so much for this tutorial, I will be using it on my "Man box" that I will post to my blog tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. That's great! Thanks for showing us how!

  7. Hello Trina, I was inspired by your sailors knot and I've cased/posted it on my blog and on SCS. Check it out. Your tutorial was super easy.

    xo, Marian

  8. Found this on Pinterest. Thanks! This will be perfect for nautical-themed masculine cards for Operation Write Home.